Saturday, June 26, 2010

My...what an interesting evening we had.

Interesting things happen when you step out of your comfort zone and push your own boundaries...and wonderful experiences come to you.

We attended kink night at the local swingers club,. The first time I have been to anything like this, our sexuality and our play has been part of our own space with trusted special guests the only ones to share any of this with us. We went along with friends which made the experience even more enjoyable as it was a delight to watch them both expand their own horizons and be able to be who they are and embrace that for the beautiful thing it it.

I went to a women's only pamper night there some months ago and expressed to Sir that i wanted to attend there one day with allow both my voyeuristic and exhibitionists sides free to explore. Apparently my eyes lit up when it was mentioned that 'Fish' and a dear friend were going, Sir took the smile on my face as a suggestion that i would be open to attending also.

More details to follow.....