Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Sir has indicated something will be happening this evening.

I will receive my instructions by txt message...the butterflies are dancing in my tummy in anticipation of what will unfold this evening.

A friend left her "toy bag" while she's away...maybe it's time to open it

Friday, February 5, 2010

Lesson: Never say never!

This submissive has just learnt this lesson yet again - never say never.

Last night just before I left Sir in His den and went to bed I had rolled off the couch onto the floor on my knees, my intention  was then to get up and say good night. I was naked, it was a warm evening and I was relaxed and sleepy.

Sir saw an opportunity and instructed me to stay where I was, on my knees and bent over the edge of the couch. I heard Him rustling and glanced sideways to the bench and then realised what He had picked up. The crop was something He used on a former sub and something I had said was not me nor likely to be me, I admit to a feeling in the pit of my stomach of anxiety and fear. This was a direction I had felt sure was not one I wanted to head in.

The first touch on my ass cheek surprised me although I knew it was coming, the second took my breath away as He was harder in wielding it than the first. Time and time again I felt the bite of the crop, my cheek warming and reddening to Sir's delight. I could hear the smile in His voice as He said "I thought you didn't want this? It seems you've changed your mind" The moistness between my legs, the dreamy space I found myself in and the delight at pleasing Him gave me a warm glow as I kissed him goodnight and headed to my bed. It seems yet another new direction for the butterfly and her Sir

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blissfully Bound

Rope has long held a fascination for me, in truth I think it's been a fascination before I understood why just like blindfolds. Since learning this Sir has been slowly bringing elements of rope into our play and recently it has a reaction that surprised us both.

I stood naked as directed, blindfold in place, awaiting his instruction. I heard the lid of the toy box lift , a sound which always intrigues me and gets my mind buzzing, never knowing what will appear. He took hold of my left wrist and began to wind and tie rope around it, then draped it across my ass as he made his way to the other side and that's when i reacted. The feel of the rope across my skin caused an instant response deep inside of me and I felt the twinge of orgasm which made me gasp. I had become instantly wet and aroused by the simple touch of rope. I still feel a twinge and tingle as I think and write about this and it happened a few weeks ago.

What is it about rope? I think with most things for me it's about restraint. I love being restrained and to feel restrained. I love my hair begin pulled tight, forcing me into submission or not allowing me to move. I love it when Sir restrains me with his body. I also love the feel of other things restraining me like cuffs and rope and clingfilm, to make me at His mercy and subject to his will.