Friday, February 5, 2010

Lesson: Never say never!

This submissive has just learnt this lesson yet again - never say never.

Last night just before I left Sir in His den and went to bed I had rolled off the couch onto the floor on my knees, my intention  was then to get up and say good night. I was naked, it was a warm evening and I was relaxed and sleepy.

Sir saw an opportunity and instructed me to stay where I was, on my knees and bent over the edge of the couch. I heard Him rustling and glanced sideways to the bench and then realised what He had picked up. The crop was something He used on a former sub and something I had said was not me nor likely to be me, I admit to a feeling in the pit of my stomach of anxiety and fear. This was a direction I had felt sure was not one I wanted to head in.

The first touch on my ass cheek surprised me although I knew it was coming, the second took my breath away as He was harder in wielding it than the first. Time and time again I felt the bite of the crop, my cheek warming and reddening to Sir's delight. I could hear the smile in His voice as He said "I thought you didn't want this? It seems you've changed your mind" The moistness between my legs, the dreamy space I found myself in and the delight at pleasing Him gave me a warm glow as I kissed him goodnight and headed to my bed. It seems yet another new direction for the butterfly and her Sir

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