Friday, January 29, 2010

To the point.... September I said i was coming back to write...but that didn't happen. Real life sucks some times!

But I'm here now with a few new experiences under my belt since then - where do I begin?

Not at the beginning but instead with the most recent...a very pointed tale to tell ;)

Sir has long hinted at wanting to try needles and up until a few months ago i was adamant they weren't for me. Gradually however I started coming around - Sir, has the patience of a saint when he wants to and esp when he knows i will come round to his way of thinking given the right persuasion ;)

We purchased some a month ago and they have been lying there, taunting me in all their pointed ended glory, Sir deliberately delaying their introduction - because he could!.Meanwhile they kept coming up in discussion and I found myself drawn more and more to images of them on fetlife, showing them to Sir and practically talking myself into it. A test one of two a week ago confirmed that I was intrigued.

Then 2 nights ago the scene was set, I lay blindfolded and cuffed awaiting His touch. The smell of rubbing alcohol as he cleaned my skin, it's pungent odor filled my nostrils and started me tingling in anticipation. The tip uncapped near my ear and I heard the pop as the needle was released, holding my breath as I awaited it's entry into my skin. One by one, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly he pushed the needles in, circling my breast. My mind raced, sub space engulfed me, it's dark depths embracing me as i fell ever deeper within it's grasp. Orgasms rolled thru my body as he played my clit like a finely tuned instrument, one hand touching the needles, their sting reminding me of their presence.

My bodies reactions to their removal surprised me as I orgasmed strongly with each removal, needles it seems are definitely a hit with me!

Next morning I surveyed his handiwork, the small network of marks only obvious if you knew what you were looking for but I could see them and they make me smile. Now they have faded and I commented to Sir that I might need some more to replace them, He just smiled.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!

Anonymous said...

A few day ago I started googling for submissive blogs. I found yours, and I started reading from the very first post. I wanted to say hello and let you know there's a new reader around. :)

The Submissive Butterfly said...

Well than you :). I hope to be a little more active on here than I have been.