Thursday, January 29, 2009


The beginning is the best place to start.....

I began to explore my sexuality when I left an abusive marriage. With Sir in my life (although D/s was not part of our relationship in any way at this point) I began a journey of discovery of who I am. Others came into my life and walked alongside me in my journey, giving me a part of themselves.

About 12 months ago the dynamics of the relationship between Sir and I began to change as our personal situation changed and we began to explore a little more in the D/s element....and I liked it. Now I crave it, ache for it deep inside my soul and my heart and my mind and body.

It has grown naturally from something that we dabbled in around the fringes of into something that has become a large part of our lives in some form or another. It's always different yet the same, probably doesn't make much sense but I understand what I mean.

There is a possibility in the future because we are polyamorous to add another sub to the mix. That I think will make for interesting developments as a recent experience opened my eyes to being potentially switch.

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