Sunday, February 1, 2009

Something New...

Last night things changed. Last night I had my first flogging and the experience made a huge impact on me and on us. there is no going back but then there never was. We always move forward, the speed is undetermined but the direction is always forward and building on what was before taking it, me and us to new levels within our BDSM.

The last 10 days have been extremely emotional with us trying to see if someone new would fit into our poly lifestyle. The fit wasn't right for many reasons and this weekend it was ended and there has been much hurt and pain because of it. We both needed a release, a way to disperse the pain and deal with the feelings and one thing led to another.

Sir gently and lovingly shaved me, a ritual that is deeeply intimate and one we both take much pleasure in. It was a way of connecting, of giving and I love him for it. He teased me a little as he often does, sliding his fingers along my inner lips and gliding across the top of my clit causing it to respond. Once he had finished with his attention to the shaving he leant over and slid his tongue along the top of my clit and my reaction was instant. I came and I squirted. My body knows him so well, it's response to him is at a subconscious level and I sank into a blissful oblivion as he continued to tease more from my body. The tension melted away as I gained some of the release I desperately needed.

We sat afterwards for a while and then I got up to get something to eat. Sir asked me to stop as I went past our toy box and to get the flogger out. My breathe caught in my throat for a moment, anticipation of something new, something different and something I knew in my core I needed. He instructed me to kneel on the floor, facing away from him and I did so, lifting my skirt as I did. The aniticpation of that first caress of the flogger against my skin was immense, and I was not disappointed. It danced lightly across my skin as he moved from right to left, increasing the pressure, altering the stroke causing me to moan. Something happened within me, the response beyond my control and I reached an orgasm then felt my wetness run down my leg as I squirted and still he continued, taking me further, taking me deeper. My head felt light as I floated beyond, my body shook as the endorphin rush continued and then it was over as quickly as it began. Out of breath I still managed to quietly thank my Sir and unable to move I stayed kneeling as I collected myself again, the fragmented parts of my mind scattered momentarily.

Do I want more? Oh God yes. Another part of me was awakened last night and the journey continues. This is beyond wanting more, this is about craving more, needing more from the depths of my soul. An incredible hunger, now I ache to feel my wrists bound, to feel restrained and at his will.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I could use a good flogging ;-) I enjoyed your post.

The Submissive Butterfly said...

I enjoyed sharing...thank you for your comment

I eagerly await the next time Sir decides to bring out the flogger ;)