Thursday, February 26, 2009


Things shifted a little last night, a sign of things to come ;)

I like serving Sir. Part of what makes me happy and completes me is making sure his needs are met. I like sitting at his feet rubbing them, making sure that his glass is full and there is always coffee when he needs it. Little things but important to me.

Sir instructed me last night to sit on the floor at his feet and moisturise them, this was new as it has always been something I have just done. I liked being told, I like the instruction and the demand.

When finished he told me to sit next to him on the couch, he lay next to me naked and I was clothed. The oil was there and I proceeded to drizzle it across his penis and scrotum before tracing the shape of him with my fingertips. Sliding my hands along the length of him, feeling him grow hard.

The lateness of the hour meant I didn't play long and soon it was time for bed (I live in a separate building on the same property...long story) I kissed Sir good night and as I stood to leave he instructed me to stand, legs apart. He slid his hand up my leg, discovering quickly that I was pantieless beneath my skirt. My body trembled as his fingertips came into contact with my clit, the shivers as the tingles of arousal shimmied through my body. It was hard to stand still and I am sure mybody was swaying...then he said time for my bed.

The instructions were not over I was about to leave he called me over, kissed me and told me "no masturbating until I say", I replied "Yes, Sir". the impact that instruction of Sirs made on me was quite immense. I liked it, I think I needed it.

I await the next instruction, I look forward to more eagerly


Dante d'Amore said...

Ouch. What is the woman's equivalent of blue balls?

The Submissive Butterfly said...

Lol..I'll let you know ;) Although he allowed me to last night in his am yet to see the full effects. Post coming soon about last nights events