Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It began with instructions, to sit at his feet and massage them (if you haven't already guessed he likes that ;) ).  He bound my ankle with a cord, holding it to him and tugging gently now and again to remind me that he had. When both feet had received my loving attention I was told to sit beside him and he lay across me as I turned my attention to his cock and balls. I love the feel of his long hard shaft beneath my fingers as they slide along it's length, seeing the obvious reaction of his body to my touch. At one point I asked to be excused to use the toilet and before he would let me go he bound my hands together, removing the cord from one when I returned so I could resume my attention to him.

He eventually instructed me to sit opposite him and placed my hand between my legs "pleasure yourself" he told me and I did. Sliding my fingers along my nether lips, thumb caressing my clit feeling it harden. I was so horny it didn't take long for me to cum, knowing he was watching me as he stroked the length of his cock with his hand and reaching over at one point to slide his fingers inside me and to caress the sensitive skin around my anus.

My fingers left me and I turned myself over to his touch, his fingers sliding inside me firmly demanding more from my body. I climaxed again and again, my juices flowing freely. I twisted the cord around my hands as they rested above my head, binding both together, my mind filling in the gaps of fantasy. One step closer to the restraint I crave. 

Sir stopped, allowing me to catch my breath before he rose, heading for the wooden chest where we keep our toys. He returned, blindfold in hand and bade me to kneel with my head and arms on the couch before sliding the blindfold over my head and my world sunk into darkness. I could hear him rummaging into he chest and I wondered what he would bring over next and shuddered in anticipation.

My answer came soon as I felt the caress of the leather slapper against the soft skin of my buttocks, increasing a little as I moaned. Then it changed and the flogger came into contact with my skin, a moan escaped my lips as the bite of it's touch awakened thoughts within my head. He changed it this time, I felt the bite across my back as well as my buttocks and I came form this new sensation. A new discovery, I love my back being flogged. I guess in some ways not too much of a surprise as I enjoy my back being scratched, hard when zoning.

The rest is a blur, I remember him biting me and cumming hard from this new sensation but the rest is a blur as I slid into the depths of my mind. Pleasure and pain drawing me in, enveloping me.

Finally my voice returned to me to allow me to say thank you Sir, my breathing returned to normal and my head stopped spinning....

I could never go back to what it was before...nor would I want to...

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