Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The 2nd night

I have 3 nights in a row to write about and real life has gotten in the way of putting fingers on keyboard to type.

Surrender was the first night....and this retelling of the 2nd night shall be short but oh so sweet.

I wore panties in the Den, admittedly not something I normally do in the evening and Sir was quite surprised this night when he reached beneath my skirt to find I had them on. Maybe that should be an unwritten rule ; ) no panties in the Den at night I shall wait to see if that instruction is forthcoming.

I had honestly thought it would be a rest night after the intensity of the night before but it's seems Sir had other ideas...and I do so like it when he gets ideas ; )

Lots of foreplay got me very turned on and very wet so when I felt the pressure of his fingers inside me it took very little for me to orgasm but I needed more and I got it.

I find it hard to put into words what it feels like to have his whole hand slide inside me, how amazing the experience is each and every time. This time I needed it and I told him so. It is an extremely intimate and trusting thing that plays havoc with my mind sending it spinning in several directions at once. It really is nothing short of incredible....


Anonymous said...

Your postings are very erotic :-) hint hint.. you've been given a friends blogging award.


The Submissive Butterfly said...

Blushes and thanks you :)