Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Observations and update

Not a lot to report around here. Sir has been unwell on and off for weeks and neither of us have been in the head space for intense BDSM activity. I've had a few things on my mind and been a bit low as well so we have been taking things very quietly, strange how things moves in ebbs and flows.  I remember on stage last year where we had sex every day for a month and up to 3 times  day, sometimes just "plain" sex (although even plain for us is pretty out there) and other times rough, intense sessions.

This week we did manage to get in the head space and a simple cuddle turned into some pretty intense sex.

Interesting observations. I think back over the last 5 years when i left my ex husband and began to embark on this journey of self discovery. If you'd told me then that I'd participate in, like and even crave the things I do now I would have called you crazy. Lately it's biting, when Sir bites my ass or my back it sends my head spinning into sub space.