Friday, April 10, 2009



1. an act or instance of seducing, esp. sexually.
2. the condition of being seduced.
3. a means of seducing; enticement; temptation.

I love words. I write so of course I love words and the way you can play with them, express with them and invite with them.

I particulary love the word "seduction" or "to seduce", it conjours up all sorts of things for me.

I love being seduced, the connection of the mind into sexuality. I mean afterall it is the biggest sex organ in reality and the most important, especially in women. The slow dance of seduction, the enticement, the temptation. The promise of more to come, be it subtle or unsubtle seduction.

I also like the turn the tables and become the seducer rather than the seduced. Leading the dance can be fun as well. Leading doesn't lend itself to being a sub so I get little opportunity to do that and I admit I miss it, I had it in a secondary relationship once it it was an interesting dynamic.

Am still trying to figure out how and where seduction fits into BDSM in the traditional sense, a lot of our BDSM is certainly about the midn and mind sex and interplay but is not what I would consider traditional seduction.

On another note....I think things are getting back on track and this sub looks forward to continuing her exploration

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Dante d'Amore said...

I'm with you 100% on this!