Sunday, May 3, 2009


When I began this blog of my D/s journey I was hoping to be posting more often but the realities of "Real Life" got in the way a little and things have been very disconnected around here for some time. I think they are beginning to slowly improve and get back on track. I do feel a bit like it was 3 steps forward and 2 back so it's almost like rewinding and starting again a bit further back down the track again....

Sat night, no children home for the night again and the promise of something (the txt informing me it was Toy Time Tonight that I received in the afternoon while at my Mothers was indication of that - not easy to blush and giggle in front of your Mother and try to explain it away as something else!)

So, we reconnected and most definately in a way that I needed it at the moment. To connect emotionally and physically. When the emotional meets the physical in the right time and place and in the right balance the effect can be mindblowing and indeed it was.  They were among the most powerful orgasms I have had, the slow build up as the fires were stoked then the almighty powerful release like a dam bursting it's banks. The waves swept over me, moving thru my body engulfing me. I was lost, mind and body one. I became my orgasm, again and again the feelings rippled thru my body. Unable to speak, the noise that escaped my lips was primal, a release that echoed my body. 

There was little about that night that was D/s apart from the feeling of handing over myself to him, it did begin with some delicious back scratching and a hint of passion in a deep intense kiss.

I needed that reconnection, a piece of my soul was crying out for it. Some missing pieces we can choose to live without , others are deal breakers and part of the essential must haves of our soul, our very essence. D/s and the blend of emotional, physical connection are part of the pieces I need to balance myself. I have been feeling so very much out of kilter and knocked off my core centre point, I feel like I got back a little closer to my inner balance on Sat night.


ZED and ginger said...

Very nice, and I can totally relate to what you wrote. I actually tend to be quite standoffish in many ways, but will get to the point where I need that reconnection too.

And it doesn't have to be overtly D/s. Just a giving of yourself can be it at the moment. :)

I can also relate to life getting in the way of updates. But life :) The computer is always here, and so are the people.


Tiggs said...

Giving of yourself... yes, I like that and will have to remember it. I know that for me, the times when I feel the most closed off and uptight are the times when I've shut myself off from everyone around me... something I do subconsciously to protect myself but it rarely works in my favor! I'm SO glad you had this special time and hope it continue! Thanks so much for your support, too!

Hugs and love!