Thursday, February 19, 2009

Interesting observations

It's kind of interesting when you become aware of your thoughts. As D/s becomes a bigger part of my life it also becomes a bigger part of my thoughts in so many ways.

For a couple of reasons circumstances have meant that we haven't been able to explore more since the night I was flogged and I eagerly await the next step

In the meantime I see myself thinking more of being restrained. I sit next to Sir in the evening and entertain thoughts of sitting at his feet and serving him. Sometimes he wraps a cord around my foot when it rests on the couch beside him and he restrains it, holding it tight to him. I feel my heart beat faster and the feel of the cord around my ankle send shocks along my skin, my nipples tighten and I feel myself grow moist in anticipation.

I have thoughts of blindfolds and flogging, and of restraints and look at things differently than before. it has become a natural thing in so many ways.

Looking forward to the next time, eagerly wondering where Sir will lead me next on this journey. So many things we have discovered about this together and things I never knew existed have become a part of my essence.


Tiggs said...

Yes, indeed, the JOURNEY is the main point of this kinky lifestyle we have! And it is the most fun, too, lol!

Big hugs... and that was quite the introduction to flogging, by the way! I loved reading it nearly as much as you undoubtedly enjoyed the actual experience!

Big hugs!

The Submissive Butterfly said...

I love the JOURNEY!!!

I am pleased you enjoyed my retelling of my introduction to flogging....and yes the actual experience was amazing ;)